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 I am Giadan....Games..huhh...whtz the crap u r doin in front of mah...

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I am Giadan....Games..huhh...whtz the crap u r doin in front of mah... Empty
PostSubject: I am Giadan....Games..huhh...whtz the crap u r doin in front of mah...   I am Giadan....Games..huhh...whtz the crap u r doin in front of mah... I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 20, 2008 2:27 pm


I am a game addict person.But not only playing game is my passion game testing and other logic description and market knowledge gaming also mah passion...

I have completed recently...
1.Gears of War,
2. Rainbow6,ravenshield,losvegas2,
3. Medal of honour all,
4. Call of duty all,
5. DMC 4(Devil May Cry 4)
6. Crysis,
7. Desert Strom1,2
8. Metal Gear solid 3,4(Ps2)
9. Assasin Creed,
10. Time Shift,
12. Clive Barkers Jericho
13. Far Cry 1,
14. Halo 1,2
15. Black(ps2),
16. Soldier of Fortune Payback(Ps2)
17. Resident Evil 1,2,3,4(ps1,ps2)
18. Bio Shock,
many more and more......if someone need anyone of this then post to the requests...or direct msg to pm to giadan,,,, id is:-
You will get any game by courier or if near by to mah loacation then by hand...

" What I know:-

There is a very great effort for making a game.For making a game the efforts are more than making a hollywood movie.
For eg.:- 1. Story line.
3.Character Decision
4.Commands and rules(Coding,developing)
7.Lightners(light effect team,studios)
8.Special effects,
9.hardware interfacing(graphics compatibility with rendering effects and GUI,Graphics utilities,other companies distribution for major inhancements)
11.Game testing(Testing,For checking the AI level of gaming for eg. sometimes there comes cheats I am not talking about cheat codes those who are specified coders and developer I am talking about the pitfalls of desining and gaming effects for the particular scene sometimes particular action clear the scene as cheat with logic.)
12.Market analysis.(There is a great battle in every best company for launching their games at right time with right analysis of market strategies for eg. call of duty latest arrival cometes the Resident evil5,and many more..There is thorat cut competition in the national and international markets,Gears Of War II is banned in some countries due to its extravagent violence and gore in first part..but the same thing helped in reaching its marketing to high level to the international markets.)

Rainbow series,medal of honour,call of duty,Resindent Evil these some greatest achivements by the gaming industries and personals with huge sacrifice.

There is rumour that American Defence is using gaming stimulations for training their personals.NASA is involved in this.

Virtuality with clearity and max. assumtion with reality parameters are the base pilliars for the gaming.

Nobody knows that while playing a game when someone says that its a bull shit game I dont like this one.But for that silly one there is a great sacrifice and efforts by many thousands of employees and workers.
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I am Giadan....Games..huhh...whtz the crap u r doin in front of mah...
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