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 !!Who is responsible for Mumbai Terrorist attacks and Where we lack...{A Critics Report}!!

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PostSubject: !!Who is responsible for Mumbai Terrorist attacks and Where we lack...{A Critics Report}!!   Sat Nov 29, 2008 7:15 am

27Nov. A Black day in history marked by Terrorists in India history ...Terrorists attacked Mumbai ,,,how strange this mean if mumbai is not safe then who can say that his state or city is safe,,,,

Why this happened?
--Ignoronce of police when some fishermen warned them they have seen sme doubtful personalities near Beach from

--What do you think if a police cop is standing with 3not3
(gun made of wooden and metal pipe..weight of near 5 to 8kgs,firing rate 1fire and reload again by manually and 5bullets in one magzine then change magzine) gun in front of terrorists those who had AK-47 world best CQC-close quarter combat gun and has weight less than 2kg and firing rate 800bullets/min .mag capacity 32 or 100(round mag.)

Whats remain and what we learn after this incident ....and we have proud on our brothers who dead while playing their best duty and died in the Medal Of Honor...

But why they died who will think on that...why they all not got survived why not only terrorists died...why ??

When we will provide best ammunition for our poilice persons...
WE are providing 5lakhs to dead people after this ...then why not they spent 2lakhs on their best weopons and make them efficent...Media getting hot because they have masala now adays ...

But what will be the next step of terrorists?They told that its a trailor...

Employment is scrambled due to electronic interception by terrorists by long play...

what will be happened if they come to uor city...

we are union but what it gives us ....kill us for this and for coming into counting of dead people of terrorist attacks....

IF u die to the similiar incident you will come to the count of 100 or may be 101 ...what it will play..our polititians are sleeping or our Defence services are blind...??Why they are not providing best weapons to cops...

One come to our home and kill our family persons and we have proud on our brother who saved our mother paying his life ..

But why he died .,....and why not only the convicted person(Terrorist...)

Its the time to think and for best change...Just remove those police cops those didnt listen the fishermen words of warning.

If govt. cannt provide the best weaponary to our cops then why they are taking tax from us...why they are making new constructions ....?? for terrorists to make distruction!!

Its the one big lesson ...We have to think now or otherwise we have to think about our present in future....!!!

Vande matram!!!
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!!Who is responsible for Mumbai Terrorist attacks and Where we lack...{A Critics Report}!!
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