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 What is jehad and Terrorism--Who is resp. and Who can help us??>>!!Exclusive!!

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What is jehad and Terrorism--Who is resp. and Who can help us??>>!!Exclusive!! Empty
PostSubject: What is jehad and Terrorism--Who is resp. and Who can help us??>>!!Exclusive!!   What is jehad and Terrorism--Who is resp. and Who can help us??>>!!Exclusive!! I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 30, 2008 3:17 am

News are flashing...

Bomb explosion in delhi CP,Mahroli,gujrat,maharashtra,baglore,...---these much died and ---these much wounded...---these much in critical condition....

Why they are doing this and who is supporting them?

--now a days everywhere in news channels and newspapers we listen that bomb explosion by terrorists why they are doing this and why they dont have any sentence except Jehad(fight for religion saving)..
--itz not a particular terrorist organization who is activate in these activities...itz all the trailer for the next upcoming Holocaust..
-- mujahudeen(jehad ki ldai) many organizations collaboratively working on this .like ISI,SIMI,MUJAHUDEEN,AL-KAYEDA...
-- they are opting those persons in this those not getting employ in india and have any mean for vengeance for govt. and society.

What Terrorist organizations want:---

they explode in delhi coz they want to show to govt. and itz capital of india..
--they explode in gujart want to claim the Dungas in hindu muslim...
--they explode in banglore ?????----- because they want to create a fear for all candidates and IT companies in the banglore...every candidate goes to
banglore for employment in IT companies and others !now terrorists want to create a fear for all candidates . ..
---the persons those goes to duabi for employment some of them work for those organizations they dont know they are involved in terrorism and providing financial help to terrorism those organizations are white face of terrorism and they are not even involved directly in any terrorist activities but they are indirectly.

What is the religion of terrorists..??
they dont have any religion they dont even know who will die in their bomb explosions..the child died in delhi mohrali bomb explosion was a child labor boy.
who dont even know what is terrorist and what is itz mean and what they want...who dies with no regrets even for terrorism.

Mujahudeen writes a book that spreads the posionous thoughts to those who reads it it pushs the reader towards terrorism and its activities in this all information
merged how to train terrorists and how to make bombs..etc..

How can we stop the terrorism ?-
-- becarefull while moving in the crowd if anyone drops something and any suspicious vision you feel just be alert and make the noise and alarm ///
-- Where you are sitting in the transportation like buses and trains always check the material arround you if any material you found wihot owner just ask for the owner and if nobody claims for that just make the alarm and stop that tarnsport and evacuate immediately.Dont try to open and check this type of material.
-- Never feel hesitation that if that thing will not a bomb then people will laugh on you.You are serving for humanity and that doesnt matter how thousand times you failed in your attempt the matter is that how many times you put your efforts,

The dark truth...-

Nobody is 100% safe after all precautions what you can do :-
-- if someone through a grenade on the crowd and bomb like in the mohrali in delhi..
-- in the parking who knows the vehicle parks besides you what have in its dickey and attachment accessories?

Some remarkable steps:-
-- Be cautions doesnt matter how much you will be safe after this but its the only chance.
-- Never hesitate when see any suspicious thing.
-- Never hesitate to call police and ambulance even for a dustbeeb even you have suspicion on that...its their duty not your and you are not responsible what is that suspicious matter is.
-- For govt. after finding any terrorist make remarkable punishment for that person so that every new person who accepts the way of terrorism for threatened by that.
-- For police:- what we can do we dont even have gud weapons and vehicles-??
itz true that govt have to do for this lackness for police departments..
Our country have least proportion of police employees accordance to population.

Who is responsible if we are not safe: ?

--If you will ask to police why you are not responsible they will excuse that govt didnt provide them gud weapons and vehicles.
-- If you will ask to govt. they will show a fake level meeting a political issue and will ask about the relevant opposite parties strategies.

Then who is responsible?
Who can help us??
--------Only and only media....

Media can help us only how?
--They have to put the cross relevant q to police why this happened why you are not responsible if they said we have lackness in equipment then ask for them
give us any written prove that you had forwarded to govt for this lackness.?otherwise you are responsible.
--if govt is responsible for police lackness then ask to govt. why?
-- if they blame to opposite party then say them for proofs..
-- if govt has not enough fund then placed the anti terrorist funds boxes on the road.

Now adays the person who is going to his office and employment-job dont know he will be able to come safely back to home or not?

Life is on the live bomb ..

Clock is clicking ..breath is running....but who is thinking that why you are breathing...???
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What is jehad and Terrorism--Who is resp. and Who can help us??>>!!Exclusive!!
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